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Terms Of Service


Please read the following information carefully.
By purchasing a plushie, you'll automatically agree to the terms and conditions of this shop.

The plush are made in my style. I won't make them after your style or after someone else's style.

The price differs depending on the difficulty.

There is no delivery charges included in the price list.

Production time is usually up to 6 months. Please keep that in mind for the commission and let me know when there is a specific due date you need to meet. (Preferably at least 3 months in advance)

  •  The production time depends on the complexity of the design and any material shipping.

In case you are allergic to cats, keep in mind that I have some cats at home and they might leave hair on the fabric and other materials, there is not much space to contain the cloth securly to prevent it, yet.

Payments only via PayPal by invoice in euros!

The invoice must be paid within 2 weeks. If it is not paid, I will mark the commission as Not Interested and cancel the invoice.

I have the right to reject your comission for any reason (e.g: complexity). - Should I refuse, I will always explain the reason.

All payments must be made in advance and in full before I begin.

I will send a sketch and a prototype of the plush toy via pictures. So you can still express change requests. Once I start with the final plush, it can't be changed.

  • Details such as facial expressions must be specified BEFORE!

Feel free to ask me anytime about the progress of your commission. A lot of WIPs will also be shown on Instagram and Twitter. :)

Usually, I will use the adress that I receive from your PayPal-Info.

If you want to use a different address, let me know beforehand!

The commission will be sent as soon as the plushie is finished and pictures have been made.

No Refunds of finished products!

The size might slightly differ up to +-1cm. Please specify the absolute limits (if it has to fit on a shelve). 

My plushies are not suitable for the washing machine, but you can gently clean them selectively. 

Don't handle them too roughly. They love to be cuddled.

If the plush design is not yours or you purchased it, ask the original designer for permission. I will not take this step.

It is possible to use effect threads and embroidery. A lot of different threads with glitter, glow-in-the-dark or even metallic are available.  Get started with your creative ideas! : D

What I WON'T sew

  • Human Characters

  • Realistic animals (for example: 'Should look exactly like my dog' /Photorealistic )

  • Roboter /inorganic things

  • NSFW (Not Safe for Work)

  • Copyrighted Content!!! ((Pokemon, My Little Pony, Disney, ...) 

       --> Exceptions may be: Custom Fan Characters that dosn't resemble any similarities with trademarked characters


I ship worldwide from germany.

You need to give me the country / State to determin the shipping cost.

You are responsible to pay customs, if your not living within the european union.

I am not responsible for any damages that occure during transportation. (e.g: Customs authority checks the package via knife)

I will send packages via "Hermes Germany" If you wish, DHL can also be used



For a detailed pricing, fill out the form and send me following information:

Please send me the following information for the specific price for your plush:

  • Reference pictures of your desired character (the more, the better. If possible from different angles) :)

  • Type of plushie (standing, Kuttari, Key chain, etc)

  • size of the plushie

  • wich country do you live (for shipping)

  • extras (e.g.: facial expression, OuO, OwO, ^_^ or fur/tail details)

Accessoires and clothing (e.g.: Hoodie or chain for your plushie) can increase the price. Details can be specified during contact.

  • email
  • Instagram
  • DeviantArt
  • Twitter
  • telegram-1867901-1580057
  • kindpng_6888478
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